Gorgeous George Clooney is here in Australia and doesn’t mind being grey! But it makes you look soooo old!!!!!

Dear Gorgeous George,

I love you, I really do. I’ve loved quite a few films that you’ve done and also thought a few were ridiculously stupid. Men Who Stare at Goats, for one. But there’s one thing that’s always irked me. Your grey hair.

Not that you’re not gorgeous without it, just look a the pic below. Swept to the side and looking quite dapper in your suit and open shirt. Very sexy!

And of course I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic! Again, verrrry sexy!!!!!

And this pic gets my heart racing that little bit more!

But your hair looks so much better in it’s natural state. Hair only loses it’s colour when it loses it’s melanin, so really, there is no excuse for having grey hair in this day and age.

Or having a lot of it that just perfectly falls in all it’s glory around your gorgeous face, giving you that handsomely rugged yet youthful and stunning look.

And when you team it with a pimp moustache you look just dashingly hot. So very sexy that butter would melt in your mouth and M&Ms would melt in your hand as you gaze ever so sultrily at any woman you desired to make yours.

Not that I’m looking to sleep with you, have sex with you, marry you or have your babies.

Nope, not interested in that at all!

Just want to see you with deep brown hair that makes you sizzle when you smile!


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