Going without make-up is not brave OR courageous!

There was a big flurry last week over celebrities taking EVEN MORE pictures of themselves without make-up on because they “just woke up without it”, and claiming they were selfies. Note to Miranda Kerr, when the phone is not in your hand, it’s not a selfie, it’s a photo taken by someone else.

And many did it to raise money for cancer, which on one hand is great, on the other it’s grow the fuck up and get over yourself.

Going without make-up is neither brave nor courageous, unless you have serious self-image issues about the way you look. We all know some women will go to bed with make-up on because they don’t want their partner seeing what they look like, or in the case they need to get up and answer the door in the middle of the night, but the majority of women DO NOT go to bed with make-up on and spend most of our time without it.

Shaving your head, going without make-up, baring a scar or two is not brave and I really wish morons, although I’m not sure which morons started using those words, would bloody stop using them when they are not appropriate.

We are born without it, we will more than likely die without it, it’s a product we slap on our face because it makes us look better or covers blemishes and dark circles.

There is nothing wrong with wearing make-up just as there is nothing wrong and abnormal about going without and magazines are to blame for this shit. They constantly bang on about the latest product to make us look good and then turns around and tell us to go make-up free and free ourselves from the confinements of womanhood, or some bullshit or other.

I found this story from the UK [ link here ] and I think the young woman is spot on about is not being courageous. It’s an absolutely stupid word to use for something we do and are every single day. Make-up free!

It’s time people grew a brain, grew up and got over themselves. This is NOT something to waste time and energy worrying about.

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