Copycat shows on tv. Do we need them coz they give me the shits!

Last night on tv was the debut of English show Camelot. Why? It’s exactly like Merlin, another English show.

And then we have The Renovators on channel ten, and The Block finished up a week ago, both just like each other.

Channel ten has Masterchef and channel seven has My Kitchen Rules, they even have similar logos.

Channel seven is starting The X Factor tonight, just two weeks after finishing Australia’s Got Talent, again, exactly the same and of course Australian Idol fell by the wayside years ago but that was the same. Channel Go has The Voice, and even though that’s a slightly different premise, still a singing comp.

Channel nine has Farmer Wants a Wife, just like The Bachelor.

There are way too many reality shows on tv peeps I was over them years ago. I’ve had enough of people’s sob stories as they think that’s the only way they can get through the rounds, I’ve had enough of arrogant people who think they have talent when they don’t, who waste our time taking up tv air space when we could be watching decent drama or comedy.

But then so many American cop shows are all similar on their own level. CSIs, NCIS, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist is like Law and Order with Goren, as they both have quirks, now there’s Body Of Proof with another Aussie, Nicholas Bishop who’s another Simon Baker.

And then there’s Biggest Loser, Teen Fat Club or whatever it’s called, Dancing with the Stars, we had So You Think You Can Dance but axed that, there’s a million Next Top Models and Project Runways although I don’t watch those either.

I know they wrap these things up as competitions but I’m wayyyyyyyy over them.

I’ve had reality tv/copycat overload and can’t take anymore peeps, I wish they’d all piss off and disappear.


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