CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL: Refill your Wardrobe


Here are the next five steps in your journey to a cleaner wardrobe.

6 – Once everything is whittled down it’s time to reload. I always hang in colour, so all black, then grey, then white. These three are neutrals and I put them together. I then use the colour wheel to hang everything else in order, red, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange. Not that I have much orange.

I hang suits on wood hangers with the matching pants over the hanger rail and a vest/waistcoat under the blazer so all three pieces are together, then shirts, blouses, and some cami/tank tops (if some can be hanged) then everything else. Some shirts can be doubled up, two or three on the one hanger if you don’t have the space to hang too much.

I put my coats and light jackets on the bottom rung, unless they’re too long in which case they go on the top. All of my skirts, other pants and dresses hang in the long hanging section of my closet, and all by colour. Have a look to see if you even have the room to hang anything else.


7 – Once everything you want hung is hanging nice and neat and in their colour stand back and see how much room you have. Did you make a lot of progress in throwing out as you went? Did you cut and cull and get rid of everything that is no longer nice, suits you or is manky under the arms? Great! Give yourself a pat on the back and get stuck into those shelves.

8 – You can also organise your clothes by category as well, if it suits you better. Work clothes together, causal, home, and gardening. Give each group of clothes its own shelf or drawer if you have a lot of one style, especially if you have the big built in wardrobe across one wall as gardening or sport clothes don’t need to be hung. 

9 – Fold everything else. I don’t hang tshirts (they get knobby shoulders), stretchy material or sequined tops (long or short sleeves as they become to stretchy and I even lay them flat after washing as well), jeans, jumpers, track pants, tights, cardigans, and anything that will go out of shape if hung. I simply fold them and put them on shelves in piles. A pretty storage box is a good idea for storing winter jumpers and cardigans.

I fold my tops into quarters. Fold over in half lengthways, fold in the sleeves, and then fold in half, and that’s it for the tops. Tshirts can be folded again, and casual pants, tights, track stuff can be folded length ways then in half, then over three times. I put all my tops in their colour, all short sleeves together, all long sleeves together on another shelf.

Pile up the clothes and lay them on their shelf, that way, each article is with its group and it’s easy to remember because when it’s washed and dried you just fold and put away.

You could also label each shelf for extra help, or for anyone else sharing the wardrobe.

10 – Start on your drawers. They’re ideal for underwear, socks, sleepwear, tops, casual clothes, workout clothes, light summer home clothes. Using your liners and boxes, roll up underwear, socks and sleepwear. The boxes keep them all in line and if you need to remove the lot from your drawer then you simply remove the box.

Once you’ve refilled your wardrobe and cupboards go outside and take another breath. Get something to eat and drink and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Stay tuned tomorrow for wardrobe essentials.

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