CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL: Organizing Space and Storage

Make Step 5 fun!

Now that you have an empty wardrobe and/or sets of drawers, the first step is to give them a thorough clean from dust and dirt, even pull out the vacuum and give it a clean. Now it’s time for your storage. Pop in your boxes and see how many you can get on a shelf. Will all of your boxes fit? Do you need all of them? Do you have room for shoes or bags on the shelf?

Do you have shelf and drawer liners? Put them in. Do you have scented sachets and cedar wardrobe hangers? Clean out and line your wardrobe with these essentials before the good stuff starts.

Line your drawers with dividers or pretty containers for your underwear. Pull out your brand new hangers from their boxes and have a play around with space and layout.


Play around with styling and what will be best for you and your everyday life and make it your own.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when we talk about filling your closet.

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