CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL: My Wardrobe Storage Ideas


I mentioned on Monday how I was still overhauling my life and wardrobe so today I’ll show you the space saving items I used.

First and foremost, I changed my hangers.

Since I was a teenager I used blue plastic hangers that I had bought in packs of 5 from Big W many a decade ago. And more recently, wood hangers which I still use for some of my coats.


So this year, after seeing how so many other people were upgrading theirs, I decided to upgrade mine. I bought the new space saving velvet hangers that are thin enough to fit more into a wardrobe. I wanted to colour co-ordinate my hangers to my clothes of course, but realised, after seeing how black ones left black everywhere, that cream may full well be the way to go so no little flecks of coloured velvet were left on my clothes. It would also be too expensive to buy batches of each colour.

I googled and checked every website I could find that sold them. I eventually found an eBay store and bought 300 of them. Funnily enough, even though I had calculated the amount I would need, I didn’t end up with enough room to hang tops so I barely used half. Mum got the other half and I cleared out her wardrobe as well.

I overhauled my drawers as well, buying clear drawer divider containers for underwear and socks etc. I also found over-the-door hangers. Nothing unusual, but for a place to hang the clothes you’re deciding on wearing or chucking, it’s a great minimal space idea. And I got one in blue and one in pink. Ha!


Vac bags came home with me but only for the clothes that don’t fit, or don’t have the room to hang (like my overcoat), that I wanted to keep so they got sucked up and stored in my suitcase.

I also decided that my bead and findings stash had to have a clean out, so the original pink material storage containers under my desk were cleared out and used for my knits, winter wear and as shelving for my bags. Which was my brainy idea after buying containers from Spotlight, but after having a good look around the house I decided to save a bunch of money and take them back, hence using my pink bead containers.


I bought two big pink roller containers from Kmart for $9 each for my bead stash and they hold the jewellery for sale as well. Two smaller blue containers for $7 each come in handy for any extra bits and pieces, and the packing station, containing all the goods ready for wrapping up the goodies to be shipped.

After doing the Closet Confidential blog post about storage last year I knew I needed to redo mine completely. What had serviced me for twenty years needed to be changed and upgraded. I had a budget, and needed to keep things on the cheap while still getting what I needed and wanted, and all up I managed to keep the cost low which was great.

Hangers – eBay – 300 for $110.10

Over-the-door hangers – discount store – two at $6.95 each = $13.90

Vac Bags – Kmart – 6 bags of two for $8 each = $48

Drawer Dividers – Big W – three packs for $9 each – $27

The grand total being $199, although if I can get mum to pay for half the hangers, then it only comes to $143.95.

Considering how expensive some stores sell velvet hangers I definitely got a bargain. Kmart has packs of 8 for $6, Cheap As Chips, a discount store, sells 10 for $10. I bought 300 for $110.10 which comes to .36 cents each. Definitely a bargain.

Have you guys considered overhauling your hangers, storage containers and shelves instead of just your clothes?

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