CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL: It’s Time for an Underwear Overhaul


Time for an underwear audit

As a part of my overhaul I’m overhauling my underwear and undergarments. Normally I’d buy inexpensive pieces from any store that has my size, but I haven’t had a bra fitting in decades. I’ll also be updating my knickers and getting some gut suckers.

My underwear has changed over the years, from winter warmers of thermal long johns and tops, to Spanx/Nancy Gantz type pieces. Now, it’s time to update the undergarments on all levels.

First, a bra fitting. Every woman must be fitted at least every five years. You need bras for so many occasions through your life, before and after having a baby, when you gain or lose weight. I haven’t had one for a good twenty years and now is the time.

Second, a good underwear fitting. No, I actually don’t think you can have one of these but I will be looking for panty line free, suck your gut in type underwear.

Third, socks. Need good socks for winter, thick for home and decent ones for wearing under boots. Mine all have holes and have been stitched up, plus I have a whole bunch of coloured ones I haven’t worn in years, so definitely time to get through them.

Fourth, a slip. With so many kaftans I need something to wear under them besides a tank and shorts. So I have my eye on Bella Bodies slips sold through TVSN. Many of the female hosts wear them and wouldn’t wear anything else, plus it’s a two pack for $60. I haven’t been able to find anything else in my size that I like so these are at the top of my list because they’re made from breathable bamboo, just like my bamboo pillow. They also have leggings and shape smoothing shorts, camis and bras and panties.


Don’t put off getting a fitting and wearing some good knickers, even if it’s for around the house.


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