CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL: It’s Time For My Yearly Wardrobe Audit


Time for my yearly wardrobe audit

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I did the Closet Confidential blog posts that later turned into a book, Closet Confidential: How to Audit Your Wardrobe And Update Your Styleavailable at Amazons everywhere.

Last year was a major wardrobe overhaul, after chucking more than 90 pieces of clothing I’ve spent the year looking through my closet to see what else could go.

Turns out, I’ve already filled a bag with shoes and another with clothes. I’ve already started my yearly end-of-year audit and changing things around again.

Now I’ve decided to overhaul my house clothes. Normally through winter I wear plain track pants and a long sleeve top and a fleece coat, plus a long anorak if it’s really cold. Through spring/summer I wear tanks and shorts and cropped pants. If they get stained it doesn’t matter, they’re cheap enough to buy and if they get too horrible, like manky under the arms, then I shove them in the rag bag and go and get another one.

After going through my clothes I decided the only clothes I should wear out are my sequined/studded/sparkly ones and keep the plain stuff for home. So from now on my home clothes will be of better quality, lol, and will be a lot better.

I work from home so I have no need to dress up. I don’t get to run out every day and don’t get to go anywhere so no need for good clothes at home. But over summer there tends to be the odd guest or two so decent clothes are better than indecent clothes.

I also have my kaftans (in the pic above with my some of my kimonos) and funnily enough, have enough to wear one each day for the month of December, so they will be getting a go on Instagram this year.

My life needs to get better, be better than what it is, so if wearing better clothes around the house, including swanning and wafting around the house in my wide variety of kaftans will make it better, then so be it.

Do you divide up your wardrobe into good and home clothes or are they all the same? Track dacks for winter, shorts for summer, what do you wear and could you do better?

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