CLOSET CONFIDENTIAL: Clothing Personalities

Ah style, something so personal it’s different for everyone. Like fingerprints and taste buds. I have always worn what I wanted, even as a teenager. Comic strip print pants, jelly sandals (it was the 80s), lace gloves (a la Madonna), berets, ties, one earring…. I did it all and I still do. I love colour, prints, funky looking pieces that spell out who I am with my personality. Creative!

We should all wear what we want, whether it’s ‘on trend’ or not. I don’t go for trends, I go for what I love and want to buy. We should also buy clothes that look good on us, fit well and are a good colour. I find I always get more compliments when I wear blues, blue/greens, and pink over any other colours. I know what I look good in, I should. I’m 40 and have 30 years of practise.

We should also buy clothes that we feel comfortable in. Have you ever seen young girls or twenty something year olds constantly tugging down their short skirt or pulling up strapless tops or dresses? You can tell when someone is uncomfortable in their clothing because it shows so much in their body language and facial expressions. Just like when one is wearing tight shoes, the pain shows on their face.

Sadly, while there are plenty of stores for youngsters to buy hip, trendy clothes that fit teeny tiny birds, there aren’t a lot of places for mature aged women to buy decent clothes from. Having said that, at 40 I do find a lot of clothes at my local Kmart and Millers stores. I can’t afford to shop in department stores like Myer and definitely not David Jones. I can’t even afford boutiques unless they’re having a huge sale, but Millers is always on sale. Big W, just like with Kmart, has some great bargains as well, but I don’t get to one as often.

Over the last 20 years it’s been wherever I could find something I could afford and what looked good. Before 2008, when the GFC hit, op shops were a big deal and I shopped there a lot, but suddenly normal shops were always on sale, prices came down and now stores are affordable, unlike op shops, such as the Salvation Army, whose prices went up.

Your weight and height will also be a factor to what you buy. If you’re tall you’ll have a hard time finding pants and jeans that fit. If you’re overweight, stores may not have your size or even anything that looks decent on you. When you’re overweight, like me, it’s hard finding pants that slide up over your thighs or fits around the waist.

We all have our own style and it’s fairly easy to figure it out. It comes down to the type of clothes you wear, your personality and what you do. If you are comfortable in your own skin you will feel comfortable in your clothes and feel like you own the world. You will strut with confidence and feel good as well as look good. You won’t care one iota about what anyone else thinks or says. You know you look good and that will shine through.

Here are the five clothing personalties with brief descriptions.

General description of a Classic Personality:

A woman of medium height and well balanced features, conservative and cautious in nature, seen as elegant and has a grace and style about her. Clothing is impeccably maintained and will not date quickly. Precious metals and stones will be a favourite of Classic women. While you don’t wear extravagant pieces you may have over scale pearls and one simple ring. You will be known for elegant earrings in gold, silver or pearl. Your watch will have a plain face with a gold, silver or fine black leather band.


General description of the Creative Personality:

Unusual and eclectic in mood and personality you will wear pieces that go well together in a wide variety of colours and styles. Large, expressive, unpredictable! Faux pieces line your jewellery boxes and chests with beads, baubles and sparkling stones that glitter in the sun, matching your very large and elaborate  banded watch.


General description of the Dramatic Personality:

You stand out from the crowd and don’t care how tight, how short or how long. Earrings or brooches in larger sizes and your watch is large and stylish.


General description of a Feminine Personality below:

Womanly and sometimes romantic in appearance, soft features or lines to their body. From cameos to delicate fine beads, you will love all things feminine and delicate. You will also love your pearls but they will be smaller than the Classic woman’s. Your watch will be small with a fine band, more like a bracelet than watch.


General description of the Natural Personality:

Down to earth and natural in all ways, preferring comfort to restriction. Chunky and natural in nature’s creations, from small stones to rough beads. Your watch will be functional and leather-banded.


Do you know which personality you are? Do you instantly recognise the type of clothes you wear and now know what it’s called? Have a look through your wardrobe to see which personality comes through most.

Stay tuned tomorrow when I talk about colour combining.

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