The Battle of the TV Morning Shows

It started last week when 9am with David and Kim came back, now this week, they’re also contending with Kerri-anne Kennerly and The Morning Show with Larry and Kylie.

Now as you all know by now, I absolutely love David Reyne and Larry Emdur, and can’t stand Kylie bloody Gillies. Kim Watkins doesn’t fare much better.

As of the first ep of The Morning Show yesterday, Kylie had to get her digs in at Larry. She just couldn’t wait. Oh no, she couldn’t wait. Obviously her anger and hatred of Larry has been festering like a revoltingly yellow pussy sore for the last six or so weeks of her time off. It’s like she didn’t stop. I wonder how her husband copes with her hateful nature. If only channel 7 had gotten rid of her, I’d have been happy.

Hell, I’d be happy if Larry and David did a morning show together. ”The Big Spunk Rats Show” Yep. I’ll definitely be watching that!!!!!!

Get rid of David Kock, Kylie Gillies and Kim Watkins, and just keep Mel, Nat, David and Larry.

Then there’s the Sunday morning shows. Channel 7 started it with Weekend Sunrise, now channel 9’s followed it with Today on Sunday. Andrew O’Keefe is bad enough but now Cameron on 9 as well. Like we don’t get enough of him during the week.

Definitely keep Samantha Armytage though, she’s gorgeous. And I don’t say that lightly, cause as you also know by now, I don’t like blonds. But Samantha acts very maturely, and seems so sweet and nice. God knows how she puts up with Andrew, maybe off screen she doesn’t?????

Just give me Richard Reid anyday!!!!!! He’s sooooo much better than that fat gay prat Perez Hilton!!!!

Well, it looks like there’s another year of flicking between the networks, first from 6-9, then from 9-11, I just hope that channel 10 doesn’t come up with a 6-9 morning show. Cause channel 7 is coming with a Sunday night show to battle channel 9’s 60 Minutes.

So while I know that this plea will fall on deaf ears, to the networks, please, please, just stop!!!!

Well, speaking of networks, my baby’s show, NCIS is on tonight, so while Michael and I snuggle up together and watch the show, I hope ya’ll will watch too.

p.s – see, isn’t he cute!!!



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