What’s In My Bag: Part 1

I’ve seen a lot of people do these posts, and have considered doing one. I have bought so many bags over the years, many last year alone, that I needed a better way of keeping everything together on the inside. And so, here is…what’s in my bag…part 1.


This is the girl bag I showed off last year, you can see it here, and as you can see, it’s quite large. Problem now is, the handle is ripping so I’ve had to change it till I can get it fixed.


Here is a closer look at what I had in my bag. My red purse, a Nancy Drew Sleuths shopping bag, and my bag insert.


I bought two of these inserts years ago off eBay, and while they’re great for smaller bags, not so much huge bags as they roll over.


Here’s what I had in the insert.


And here’s the insert to replace the old one. I first found something similar on youtube, and then found this on eBay. Myliora bag insert in pink and blue!

Massive amount of pockets to put everything, not that I carry much, although now that I have this, I carry more than ever. There are pockets all around the outside, inside pockets in the large pockets and the zip up one in the middle. It’s small and compact by size but holds A LOT, and I got the biggest size. Glad I didn’t get the small…


In part 2 I’ll show you what I had already had, what I bought, and what I ended up putting in my bag.


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