Christmas 2017 Clothing and Shoe Bargains

The last few years I’ve been buying up kaftans every Christmas period, however, last year, because of all the other things I had to pay for, kaftans were put on the back burner. On top of that, the lady I normally get my kaftans from is no longer selling on eBay. So, because of everything else I madly spent on over the period, I only managed to buy three pieces of clothing and two shoes. Probably because I have enough already.


I bought these in December. The kaftan was $15 on sale from Big W, the top t-shirt came from Target for $15. I bought both of these early December when mum finally got to go shopping. The bottom top came from the Reject Shop for $9.


The moment I saw these shoes I loved them and knew I had to have them. Who can say no to multi-coloured metallic sandals?

No one! 

I had already bought and sent back the matte coloured ones earlier in the year as I didn’t think they suited me, but after getting the metallics, they ended up on sale so I bought them too. The good thing with both of them, is it doesn’t matter if your feet swell or not, like mine do, they have zips. The metallics were $189.99 and the mattes were $132.99


What clothing and accessory goodies have you guys been buying the last few months in all the sales?


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