What I Did On My Third Business Break Of 2023


This last fortnight has been busy, busy, busy.


Sat Sep 30 – read Lovers and Players by Jackie Collins to get into the writing groove.

Sun Oct 1 – started writing the new novel and managed 13.5 pages. Also had a fight with you know who.

Mon Oct 2 – posted to socials during the day, wrote 12 pages at night.

Tues Oct 3 – tired from the change in daylight savings and overnight storms waking me up, so had two naps during the day. Wrote 16 pages and 7 lines.

Wed Oct 4 – posted to socials during the day, didn’t write.

Thurs Oct 5 – usual shopping, library, lunch, and writers’ group.

Fri Oct 6 – usual housework, online catchup of future videos, posted to socials.

Sat Oct 7 – did my 2024 yearly plan and to-do lists for December and January. Yep, got so excited about doing blocks of work through the day, I started on my lists early. I realised I was only writing at night and since it was working, I decided to do everything else during the day and get an early start so I can be more productive with my writing over the holidays. Wrote 10 pages at night.

Sun Oct 8 – did some paperwork so I don’t have to do it in December. Wrote 10 pages and 6 lines at night.

Mon Oct 9 – Tues Oct 10 – posted to socials, got a lot of paperwork done, wrote 10 pages at night.

Wed Oct 11 – posted to socials but spent most of the day lying down due to a mother of a migraine in the front, the back, and the left side and jaw.

Thurs Oct 12 – usual shopping and library, had to get mum to a doctor’s appointment, and then had chiro who fixed the migraine issue.

Fri Oct 13 – usual housework and then went to the hospital for my Ear Nose Throat appointment I’ve been waiting four years for.

Sat Oct 14 – Sun Oct 15 – got more work done and more writing.


What did you guys get done in the last fortnight?



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    1. Jewel Divas Style December 4, 2023 at 3:26 pm

      I know, I really need to slow down…NOT!


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