What I Did On My Second Business Break Of 2023


This break has been bloody cold. And, while eventful, not as eventful as the last break.


Monday 10th – I went to a doctor’s appointment for mum, and then to the can depot to recycle my Pepsi cans where I had some bitch push in front of me ( as did the guy behind her) and then blame me for pushing in. The diatribe of abuse that followed from her was just bloody pathetic, uncalled for and unwarranted. It really showed her arrogance and entitlement that she believed she could push in and then blame the person for not moving, and then blame them for other things that have nothing to do with anything. However, the guy at the gate told me to tell the guys working that they pushed in. I did, and I was served first and left first. Choke on that, you bitch. And by the way, bitch, I’m not your fucking mate. I posted to socials and started posting to Threads (Facebook and Instagram’s version of Twitter).

Tuesdays 11th – I finally finished the novel. I said in the half-yearly catch-up that it was finished, and I had hoped to have it finished, but shit happened. It’s finished now. Posted to socials.

Wednesday 12th – I pottered around on social media, posting, etc. Some of my eBay parcels arrived damaged, and now I have to take them to the post office to file a damage report.

Thursday 13th – The usual shopping, library, writers’ group.

Friday 14th – I was up at a reasonable hour and managed to do the washing and dishes and filled in the gaps with preparing the next two weeks’ worth of social video posts.

Saturday 15th – I read a couple of books, did some blog posts, and watched some tv.

Sunday 16th – I finally set about restringing my broken bracelets. Got through 46 before I stopped.

Monday 17th – I pottered around online, did some blog posts. Watched the midday movie for the first time in years.

Tuesday 18th – I finished off three bracelets before I ran out of elastic. Did some blog posts. Watched the midday movie.

Wednesday 19th – I had to go to another post office to deal with my damaged goods. Turns out I have to contact the shipping company. Oi! Went to Officeworks for some red pens, and the op shop. Had Red Rooster for lunch. Posted to socials.

Thursday 20th – The usual shopping, library, chiro. Read four of the books I got from the library.

Friday 21st – Housework, headache, dealt with mum’s usual shit. Printed out my credit card statement and set about buying more things, such as 200 metres of floss elastic to finish off my bracelets. I’ll be finishing off mine, and then redoing the “for sale” bracelets in the hope of selling them off at some point. I know the elastic will be good and not break the moment they get them.


So that’s been my fortnight, how have your last two weeks been?


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    1. Jewel Divas Style September 13, 2023 at 5:56 pm

      Yep, Tote. 46 bracelets before running out of elastic. Done a few more since.


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