What I Did On My First Writing Holiday For 2020!


Well, it was the first school holidays for the year and…


Bunnies and buns. Chocolate and hot cross.

So what I got up to was this…

Finally started writing a TKW story and then stopped before five pages was written. My muse was telling me to write LJD’s Porn Star Brothers stories instead, so figured I’d better go with her. Story #1 came out in four days. I’m hoping to get the rest done by mid-May and then the TKW stories.

Faffed around, shopped online since we can’t really go to the stores so got some stuff delivered and saw the chiro twice. Did shop in store on my one weekly trip out and bought some casual clothes for lounge wear, plus some jeans that I’ve been looking for for years.

Finished off the large print and hardcover read throughs of TKW books, fixed the mistakes, and then re-uploaded all formats. Also had some of the covers fixed, and ordered the large print LJD novels. Some of the adult fiction covers were updated as well. So hopefully, all large print and hard covers can be released before the end of June.


So, that was me, what did you guys get up to?


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    1. Jewel Divas Style April 28, 2020 at 6:08 pm

      Yes, Tote, finally found some decent jeans after years of searching. And yes, had lots of cross buns and bunnies.


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