Ugh! I’ve been sick for the second time this year!

I can’t believe, that within a matter of months, I have been sick, AGAIN!

I went to the chiro on Saturday and Sat night my throat started burning, again. All night it burned and Sunday I had a stuffed nose and took painkillers.

And then on Monday I started getting a massive migraine early in the morning. I took a painkiller at lunch but it didn’t do a damn thing. I still vaguely have it this morning.


I couldn’t even finish watching my gorgeously gorgeous ex-husband’s show, NCIS, last night.

It hasn’t been often that I’ve had massive two days+ migraines, I’ve had several in the last year and only a few in my lifetime before that.

Jesus, it takes a lot out of you to have a stuffed head, a massive migraine and your menstrual cycle all at the one time. Yep, I have that too.

God, what a week!

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