Tv ads have taken over our favourite tv shows by stealing all the airtime.

Watching the return of Castle this week, I really noticed how much the ads have taken over tv viewing time.

Almost every 5 minutes there was a 5 minute block of ads. Hardly any decent show time at all.

And it really made me realise that almost every show on tv these days is the same.

5 minutes of show, or even less, and then 5 minutes or more of ads. And they cut into the show itself instead of waiting for the designated ad placement time.

I know that networks need the money to pay for the shows in the first place, and so they charge astronomical amounts of money to play particular ads in particular shows, but to the consumer of these shows, there’s almost no point.

We barely get to see the damn show in the first place!

Ads used to be about 3 minutes long, on average 5 or 6 ads at about 30 seconds each, now, you could record your favourite show and add up all the time used by ads and it would probably be longer than the show.

No wonder so many shows run late here in Australia. 10 to 15 minutes, sometimes 20 to 30 minutes over because of the amount of bloody ads there are, and then of course every other show runs late and it pisses me off because it means my other shows have started and I’m flicking back and forth between shows and missing stuff along the way all because of the BLOODY ADS!



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