People who state an opinion or make a comment and then add “don’t judge me” are just waiting to be judged!

And what you need to do is get the hell over yourself!

Of course you’re going to be judged after adding that little sentence ender, but why do you care?

Have an opinion and stand by it! No one gives a fat rat’s what you think anyway, and if you’re so worried about what you are about to say then don’t fucking say it.

What is so wrong with you that your need to end an opinion / comment / thought / feeling about something you think / say / do with “don’t judge me” is so overwhelming?

You only say that to defend yourself in the first place, to make people not judge you so they will like you instead, so you are not criticised, insulted or put down because you may think outside the box.

Whatever you think / feel / say / do / act, STAND BY IT! OWN IT! DON’T APOLOGISE FOR IT!

It’s YOUR opinion, YOUR action, YOUR life. Stop expecting to be judged everytime you open your mouth because you think you’re the only one thinking it.

And if you have to end almost every sentence or comment with it then WHAT THE HELL IS SO WRONG WITH YOU?

Believe me, no one gives a shit whether you do something different or not, so grow the fuck up, build a bridge and get the fuck over yourself.



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