MY STYLE: Silver Chicks with Stars in their eyes


JDS - MY STYLE 2015.63

TOP: Kmart, from many a year ago, which is now my “quick running around” top. 

PANTS: Millers from 2014, $18. You can buy awesome summer pants this year too.

SANDALS: Kmart from 2014, $19. They have them this year as well.



TOP: Big W, from 2004, $10

PANTS: Millers, from 2009, $5 each (I bought a long pair as well)

SANDALS: Spendless Shoes from 2014, have them again this year.

JEWELLERY: Jewel Divas star earrings, ebay star bangles, star necklace and stud earrings, Lovisa rings and pink bracelet (right arm)

JDS - MY STYLE 2015.64

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