MY STYLE: March 2022

March was another spring month where the weather went from a nice and mild 25 degrees Celsius to stinking hot over 30 which resulted in multiple eye bulging headaches and I never know how to fill out my outfits with jackets, capes or kimonos. And not everything goes with everything else.

I also started using my iPhone to take my pics so they should be clearer than what my camera churned out.


Teamed up my Czarina kaftan top with my Millers skirt and belted it.


Tried out my Millers jacket and pants with an op shop top and Jewel Divas jewels for a summery vibe.


Went red with my elephants and Czarina cape.


Wore basically the same outfit but in blue with my Czarina cape and owls.

Owl be there for you… (get it?)


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