2022 Jewellery Overhaul Part 2

Over the years, I’ve shown off many a piece of jewellery. And, over the years, those pieces have broken, been remade into something else, or simply put in the craft kit for a later date.

In 2018/19 I combined a lot of sets, and in 2021/22, I did some more.


A couple of years ago I remade the earrings in my Crown set. Well this year, I added that set to my Coat of Arms set that I don’t recall ever wearing, and made a mega royal set. The Coat of Arms earrings were made into charms and added to the CoA bracelets. The CoA necklace had the two smaller Crown pendants attached to it. That large gold crown in the CoA set is a brooch, which you all saw when I did last year’s post about my brooches. Both sets together add extra depth and sparkle.


I find I’m still being turned off the sets I made ten plus years ago. They were small, what I could manage then, charms hanging off all manner of things. Plus, in the years since, there’s been all manner of awesome jewellery being made and sold for us to buy.

And, in trying to wear every piece of jewellery I’ve got, which will be bloody hard, combining makes the sets meatier.

Case in point. Here are my two fashion accessories sets.

One silver, one gold. Why have two? Why not just combine them and have the one set? Well, I finally did, but a few charms did find their way back into the craft kit.


I quite like these sets but haven’t worn them for over a decade. On the left is my Travel set. On the right is my Dorothy of Oz set.

But now I have my Travelling Dorothy set.


And finally. I have a Movie set that I made years ago from two gold and two silver bracelets. I also have my pink and green Marilyn Monroe sets. I can’t recall wearing my movie set, and haven’t worn Marilyn for a good ten years or more. After seeing a movie necklace that Betsey Johnson did, I figured, why buy that when I can mix and match my own…


So I did. A silver and a gold bracelet went into each set of Marilyn. I also pulled apart the pink Marilyn keyring and added those charms to the bracelet, and the original pink necklace charm was attached to the movie necklace.


Now, I just have to wear all of these things…oh for lack of time…


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