MY STYLE: Glitter and sequins

Not a lot went down last week, out of Thursday for shopping, Friday we had visitors and then Saturday I had the chiro and it was my birthday so only two outfits for the week



JDS - MY STYLE 2016.29

TOP: Noni B top bought from an op shop in 2013 for $1.25, and yes, it has glitter through it.

JEANS: Kmart, $7 from about five years ago.

BOOTS: Brand new but you can’t see them because they’re navy! lol, there will be a blog post on them in the coming months.

JEWELLERY: Necklace – Jewel Divas (first time wear), earrings – Lovisa, bangles and rings eBay – Samantha Wills.



JDS - MY STYLE 2016.30

TOP: Kmart from 2013, $8 and full of sequins.

PANTS: Millers summer pants 2015, $10

BOOTS: Rubi boots from many years ago, $40.

JEWELLERY: Jewel Divas jewellery set (first time wear), ebay heart bracelet (first time wear) and right hand ring, chain store bangle and left hand rings



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