MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: Spring clothes, jewels and shoe bargains

With the year coming to an end along with Spring I thought I’d better get these in now as I will stop blogging for December and January for a holiday, and have a set of special posts coming for the last two weeks of November.

So here are the last of my Spring Bargains, clothes, jewels and shoes.

MILLERS!!!!!! I cannot stop shopping at this store. They have great pants and tops for summer and when they’re constantly on sale who can stop at one.

left: tropical for $15 | middle: green leaf for $18 | right: paisley for $15


I almost didn’t buy this pineapple top but thought it would be something different for summer. It was $24.95 from Crossroads. The sequin, as you can see, was only $15 from Kmart. About ten to twenty years ago sequinned tops like this would have been $50-$100. My how times have changed.


All of these earrings came from Lovisa. Loving the geometric look in this year.

Green: $9 | Pink: $7 | Gold: $3


These earrings came from Lovisa for $3.33, and the pyramid bracelet came from Colette for $6.50


Colette had a sale and I couldn’t stop at one, so I bought the set. The cuff was $12.95 and the ring was $5. There are many variants in this cuff which I’ve seen online alot.


These two bracelet sets I made. when I was making new sets for sale (you’ll see them in more detail next week) I loved these two so much I made my own. I changed them slightly from the ones for sale so no two are identical. Oceanic is on the left and Fly Away on the right.


LOVING these sandals for summer. I was in desperate need of decent summer sandals as all the ones I had had finally lost their way. With broken souls, dirty bottoms, ugh, they were gross. The other issue is I have flat feet, which means lots of aches and pains and sadly, I have never found a pair of sandals I could wear my arch supports in. Along with a similar version I have from Kmart, these are great for walking hours at a time. When we go shopping I’m on my feet for at least four hours straight, which isn’t much I know, but most shoes can’t even get me through that. They have small wedges, rubber bottoms so I don’t go slipping, and comfy straps. For $30 each on sale from Spendless Shoes, I’ll definitely be living in them over summer.


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