MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: New Blue and Green clothes

We girls love shopping, that’s just the way it is. Clothes, jewels, accessories, we love it, we buy it. And because I live behind a shopping centre I’m there on a weekly basis. It also means I have a Millers store and a Kmart which sells tonnes of stuff absolutely at their cheapest. That means clothes!

The two tanks below are from Kmart, the one in the middle has the star sign horoscopes on it and was $10, the floral on the right is from Millers for $3.


The silver print blue top is from Kmart for $12, the print top on the right is from Millers for $16


Two more Millers tops, both on sale. The top on the left was $3, yes, $3! The top on the right was $15.


I got this fleece track jacket to wear around the house as you always need something warm in winter and we’re mighty cold here right now, also, you cannot go past blue with pink detail. It was the only one in my size there so I grabbed it, and $15 isn’t a big price to pay. The top on the right is actually green, with gemstones stitched and glued on the shoulders. For $5 I got it on sale and both came from Kmart.

PicMonkey Collage

I got this shrug cardigan from Ice Designs. I had a voucher for $40 and couldn’t find anything except this. I got a bangle stack to make up the price.


I have a list of my clothes, how much and where from, and I always shop on special, unless, like with Kmart, the prices are so cheap anyway that they’re already a bargain. Of course I’ve also managed to get Kmart clothes on sale for $1 or $3 and that’s ridiculously cheap.



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