MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: New bargains, Black and Grey clothes

I’ve been on a mad shopping spree with all the tax sales that are going on, so my wardrobe is filling up with all the bargains I’ve been buying.

Left: Crown studded top with long sleeves and shoulder cut-out from Valley Girl for $10 | Middle: gold glitter elephant top from Crossroads for $24.95 | Right: Faux fur vest from Millers for $16


Left: $5 top with studs and crystals on the shoulder from Kmart | Middle: $8 tunic dress/top from Kmart | Right: $5 long sleeve top from Kmart.

black2 - Copy

Left: GOR.GE.OUS blazer jacket from Millers for $25. It’s a light beige and has a little clip up top for doing it up. | Right: Faux fur/leather front knitted cardigan from Autograph for $19.95, down from $80. Hullo! BAR.GAIN!


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