MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: Grey and Silver jewellery

My recent grey and silver purchases.

Gorgeous grey and gold Lovisa earrings for $9 might add it to a necklace I bought previous

grey gold earrings

I bought this amazing pearl style ring (3 for $10 from Lovisa) and will wear it with my pearl set I showed you here

silver pearl ring

a big crystal oval ring for $6.47 from Colette, I need more of these and it’s an elastic bead style ring so it fits any size. I will more than likely wear it with my crystal set, but can wear it on it’s own.

big crystal ring

This next set I put together. I bought the bead set on the right from eBay, the coin bracelet and metal mesh from Lovisa and since they were sitting on their own doing nothing I made up a silver metal bracelet stack as I didn’t have one. I do have a bangle stack but not bracelet stack. I also added my big Colette pyramid ring (up top) to the set and wore it recently for the first time.

silver metal bracelet stack

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