So a month or so ago I posted about my day out at the op shops and how I got his amazing Cardinali roll purse and that I would post about it at a later date. That date is here.

I love blue, as you all know, and could not walk past this amazing roll purse when I saw it.


Thank God it was still in really good condition because some people can really trash their make up and cosmetic purses.


It’s gorgeous and long and folds all the way out.


It also matches a purse I already had.


Which has matching purses in other colours.

cardinali purses

And I have matching jewellery rolls

cardinali jewel rolls

When I took the photo I thought I had the whole set, but I realised later once I had already uploaded the pictures that I have a few more.


I love these purses. They’re bright and colourful, have amazing colours, sizes, styles and always seem to match to each other if you want to create a set.

I have no idea where to actually get Cardinalis, every now and then I see boring ones in Coles Supermarket but most of mine have come from op shops for a dollar or two. Thank God for that!

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