Gorgeous $3 earrings from Colette
My Samantha Wills The Moon and Stars earrings and ring. I had these before being blocked from her Facebook page for whatever unknown to me reason. I don’t appreciate being treated that way by a company. No wonder so many lose customers and go out of business.
Thank God I got them for about $48 each, way under the RRP. They’re made in China anyway so there’s no way I’m going to pay full price for designer chinese made jewellery.
They are quite nice. Some of her better pieces…
unlike the Rumours ring. I was planning on buying the bracelet and earrings to match, but when I got it and heard and saw how tinny this ring is I decided not to waste my money on the other pieces. I paid $80 from ebay and that was a waste for the quality.
Now, over easter I made or remade a tonne of jewellery. I took these two necklaces below and…
joined them together to make one.
I took 10 blue skull bracelets that cost me $4 and made….
this necklace which I matched to the earrings I made and the rings and bracelets I bought off ebay.
I also made extra bead bracelets for, as well as divided up my silver floral set and added that necklace to this set.
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