MY OBSESSIONS: My latest Nancy Drew Goodies

Come November/December last year I ventured into my yearly cleaning and auditing phase and knew it was time to up date my Nancy Drew collection file and collection itself.

Not only did I pull out all of the books and collectibles from boxes and go through them (to make sure I had either finished a print collection or needed to complete it), and then repack into new containers and boxes.

Below is a pic from when I had removed all of my junk from this pile and just had all the Nancy boxes left. It looks much the same now sadly as I cannot set it up anywhere as a collection to view, but with less mess and less boxes.


I also had to overhaul all of my paperwork that went with it. Paper work that had sadly disappeared with the death of my Acer pc and hard drive which I was told last year after having a technician from Geeks 2U over that it would cost $1500 and up to recover everything on the drive.

So I started again. And took pictures of last years newest additions to the collection.

Every year Her Interactive puts our two new pc games and these were last years. The artwork for the first of this years has already been revealed but I’ll wait until the end of the year to buy both as it’s easier and cheaper to buy both together. The colours, designs and graphic are amazing as always. Just a pity they don’t do the open flap embossed boxes like they used to, they were real collectibles.


Then came the new Nancy Drew 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. I haven’t opened it, I can’t really stand jigsaws so this is staying fresh and sealed as a collectible.


I also got some of the latest Nancy clothes (not that there’s many). On the left is a licensed jumper/sweater from Out of Print Clothing. On the right is a tshirt I found at Redbubble.


The Nancy Drew Clue Crew series has come to an end after 40 editions. This is something that Simon & Schuster seem to like doing, making a series for so many books and then stopping them, overhauling them, renaming them and then bringing them back as something else. This series will be remade into the Nancy Drew Clue Book. This will be the third incarnation of this type of story, the original being the Nancy Drew Notebooks. I finally managed to track down the first four in their box set to complete my Clue Crew book collection.


Of course I also got the Hardy Boys season 3 dvd set but I’ll do another post on that.

So, what have you guys obsessed about lately?

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