My Nancy Drew Collection. Part 2

And now we move on to short lived series that barely lasted a few years, to graphic novels that are ongoing with new Dynamite comics.

This is all of them but once again, you can follow my Pinterest board (LINK HERE) if you want to see the full collection.


Be A Detective was a 6 book long, choose your own adventure, Nancy and Hardy Boys series. The UK is on top, the US on the bottom.


And then, of course, they came back together in 36 books of ND and HB Supermysteries.


River Heights was a spin-off series featuring Nancy’s supposed next door neighbour.


And then the adult Nancy, Bess and George go to Uni series, On Campus.


Papercutz started releasing graphic novels up to #21 when they did a special edition two book mystery with the Dana Girls. And, in a special boxed set, the Hardy Boys came along. There are multiple boxed sets, and 2in1 editions. There’s also still a couple I’m after, so I’ll keep looking.


Even the Nancy Drew Clue Crew got a graphic novel makeover and I also have a special comic con card.


Onto Dynamite graphic novels and comics. These seem to be currently ongoing and I still have several to get. They come in serialised editions before being released as one whole book. So many to collect… and some of these you’ve seen before.



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