My Favourite Things: RAIN!!!!!


I love it when it rains.

In fact, it’s raining as I write this.

The sky is grey, the grass is green, the road and pathway wet and slippery.

The air is fresh and clean and is so easy to breathe in through your nose and into your lungs.

I love it when it rains.

A lot of people don’t. They feel depressed and claim they cannot go out because the sun is not shining. That they have to stay inside and stay out of that damn rain.

I love it when it rains.

Maybe it has something to do with my star sign elements. I’m earth, and the earth is made of mostly water. And in Chinese star signs, I’m wood, and wood doesn’t grow without water.

That’s why I love sitting at the beach and watching the waves roll in. Or sitting at my desk and watching the rain fall down.

I love it when it rains.

Not when it storms because lightening, hail and high winds can cause great damage and that’s not good.

Just when the rain comes straight down from up above and falls perfectly. It’s so melodic and hypnotising you just can’t stop watching it.

I take great joy from rain. It fills my soul, my spirit, my body and mind.

I love the rain.

Do you?


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