Is being disappointed the same as being ungrateful?

A few months back I won a suitcase on Instagram. When I gave them my details I asked for a turquoise one as I wasn’t sure if we were able to pick the colour.
I received a blue one, except it was royal blue and not the turquoise one I really wanted.
I was disappointed. I had really wanted the turquoise one as I loved it, but even though the case was still blue, albeit a darker shade, I wasn’t happy.
And then I thought about how ungrateful I was being. I had won the case, I should be grateful that I was even chosen, but this got me to thinking, is being ungrateful and disappointed the same thing?
The answer is, no!
You can be disappointed at not getting the colour you want and still be grateful you won it. Even though your gratitude may be shaded by your disappointment they are not the same thing. Disappointment and ingratitude are two different things.
I was disappointed I had not received the colour I wanted. I was not ungrateful because it was not the right colour.
Unfortunately I think these emotions are very closely related, because even as I write this and argue this point, I still wonder if they
are so close to each other that they merge into the other.
I was not ungrateful, I was just disappointed. I love the case, it’s light and a breeze to wheel. My disappointment is with not getting the colour I was after, nothing else.
Have you guys thought about this? Have you ever been disappointed in something and then been accused of or considered yourself ungrateful? Beat yourself up over it no more.
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