I am so over Offspring’s, Nina Proudman, and her neurotic neurosis!

I watched Offspring on Wednesday, and I have to say, I’m over insanely neurotic people.

I haven’t watch the show from the beginning, I only saw bits here and there of seasons 1-2. I watched last years all the way through and got quite sick of Nina, and now this year, I prefer to watch Criminal Minds again instead of this insecure, immature, neurotic piece of crap.

I’m definitely getting over it this season, and we’re only what, 6 or 7 eps in or something.

You’d think after five years Nina would have grown up, become less insecure, less neurotic, less idiotic, and I vaguely remember she wasn’t as bad back in the early eps.

Now, after Asher has won a few Logies for playing her character, I think the writers or producers have really bumped up the neurosis and made her worse. Hence forth, I’m over her. 

I’m also over her mother Geraldine. She’s an insulting, patronising rude old cow who doesn’t do anything so I have no idea what she does for money for all that alcohol she consumes. She does nothing but put Jimmy, her son, down and insult him, patronise him, and generally degrade him as a human being. She is not supportive in any way, shape or form and I HATE mothers like that.

As for Nina, I can definitely do without her. We need more Clegg, but he’s off on a journey, and Patrick, although his issues are annoying me as well. In fact, the whole family have issues that I’m over.

Maybe it’s because I have so many in my life that I DON’T want to see it when I turn on the tv.

So channel 10, take Nina and her neurotic neurosis and go away. I’m done, I don’t want to see people with issues and insecurities on tv any more.

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