MY PERSONAL COLLECTION: Grey, Silver and Silver Multi jewellery

I lusted over this ring for months before I got it on sale
I bought this necklace on ebay and added the top and bottom rows of pearls
I made this amazing faux pearl necklace
and added them both to this set.
I got this amazing art deco style necklace for $12
I bought these crystal earrings
added my Samantha Wills necklace
my crystal necklace
and threw them into a set with my crystal bracelet stack and rings
these are my four pandora/amadora/ebay made bracelets. The top two are my star sign ones, bottom right my sister gave me and I added to it, bottom left I made.
plastic skull bracelet stack
 I added my wood travel bracelet and my hot air balloon necklace to my travel set.
 I added my bird cage and Alice necklaces to my hummingbird set and
 added my neon beads together
 I added my silver and gold cross earrings to the necklace
and then added the necklace to my Angel set
This amazing multi layer stone necklace for $7.50
I showed you this rock set a while ago and wasn’t sure what to do with it until…
I bought a red set as well and pulled them both apart
After adding some white beads and making earrings as well, I now have an Australia Day set!
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