How Do You Deal With Retail Assistant Snobs?


I’ve had crap so many times it’s ridiculous, but I have long not stood for it and tend to say things or give them the evil eye. But there are way too many to discuss here.

There’s two points I’d like to make and am sure you have all come up with ways of doing or saying something.
1 – Considering stores rely on consumer sales, the more that walk out and don’t buy, the faster the store goes out of business. It’s also mainly due to bad service. So remind them of this the next time you get bad service and instead of taking it, give them the evil eye, remind them that they survive on consumers sales and that their bad manners will no longer be getting them your patronage.
Pretty Woman anyone?
And unfortunately, the managers are also to blame because they don’t teach the staff how to be polite.
2 – Also remind them, that in this day and age of Twitter, Facebook and blogs, they just scored themselves some bad reviews that you will be tweeting about when you walk out of the store and blogging and Facebooking about when you get home. Make sure you get the name of the girl from her name tag. And definitely name the store, just don’t slander them.
Try one of those two options and see what sort of reactions you get. But also try and remember to follow through on the social media review.
There was an Aussie store last year, Gasp, who insulted a customer in their actual store and she emailed her friends and it went all over social media. The store got really bad publicity for their really bad manners and they shunted some pore sales assistant into the camera to defend the store and their image. Unfortunately, it only backfired on them and turned people off in a big way.
Same concept!
Arm yourself and go forth prepared!
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