HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: Welcome home Mr. Klein!

I don’t buy the same perfume all the time, I find it doesn’t smell the same every time I get a new bottle. It not only smells different coming out of the bottle but on my skin, which is why I rarely go back a second time, which means constantly finding something new to buy.

Of course the perfumes I pick have to appeal to my senses. I prefer fruity, slightly spicy mixes, light and fragrant, not heavy and suffocating. So, Calvin Klein came home.

JDS - CALVIN KLEIN PERFUMEI’ve been through Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, Incanto Dreams and Let It Rock by Vivienne Westwood which is really nice, and now I’ve chosen Mr Klein to be the next in line.


I have a few more lined up for this year so my tastes will be all over the place. Tell me, what are you currently spraying?

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