HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: Olay bombing my face did not have the desired results!

So two weeks ago I told you about the how I was assaulting my face with four kinds of Olay, you can read about that here, well two weeks are up and the 14 Day Intervention did not work.
I still have a few weeks of Eye Pods to go so will continue to use them.
And am still using the Dermabrasion kit three times a week.
And am still using the Definity every morning.
But I will now be using the Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream at night instead of the 14 Day Intervention. I got this as a free sample from Olay. Thanks Olay!

So, when I finish my Eye Pods I’ll let you know again if there is any difference. So far, in two weeks, there hasn’t been except for smoother softer skin. My dark circles, bags, spots and blocked pores are all still there which are the main reasons for doing this.

Let’s hope the Sculpting Cream does something, otherwise I’m running out of Olay to use.

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