HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: My new make up purse

So last week I told you all about my new make up haul and showed you the old roll up case I had it all stuffed into.

Well this week I’m showing you the brand spanking new case I bought for all my make up!

It doesn’t look like much now…..
I decided to put all of the make up I rarely use, plus some new stuff and extras into the bottom.
I also had to add some eyeliners when there was no room left in the top. I still have room for more.
The brushes fitted nicely into the lid
And all of this managed to fit into the top.
It’s everything I use when I go out. Either BB and Olay’s Total Effects dark circle applicator, or Foundation, concealer, powder etc, etc, etc
Full and done up!
And that is when I realised it has been sown crooked! Bummer!
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