HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: How I culled my make-up products back to Olay & Covergirl

Like with my face products I also had a wide variety of make up products. From Australis mineral powder and Maybelline concealer, to Covergirl blush, Lancôme mascara, BYS liners, Modelista eye shadows, Jordana and L’Oreal lipsticks and all brand name balms, it was ridiculous.

And it wasn’t a matter of trying so many brands for the best ones out there; it was what I could find at the cheapest price and in the right colours.

But no more! Last year, along with everything else, I decided to cut and cull my brands down and hope to cut even more down in the future.

So let’s start at the base.

BB Cream. I had been using Garnier but wanted one that didn’t have the tint, believing that the L’Oreal BB was “nude” I bought one, and later found out it still has tint. This will more than likely be the last one I use as I much prefer the 2 in 1 CG Rehab.

Olay / Covergirl. Plain and simple if I want to continue the goodness of my Olay face and body products.
Simply Ageless Serum, Concealer, Tone Rehab, and an eye corrector I had to get off eBay US, followed by the O/CG powder.
I have an old CG blusher set from mum which I’m still using and is great, and was able to get the updated versions from eBay. I also went with the Lash Blast (orange) mascara. After much perusal of the CG US and AUS sites, I went with the Exact Eyelights eye shadow, eye liner and mascara for green eyes to add a bit of extra pizazz.
(poor old blush)
I also decided upon the Lipslicks, a product I remember buying when I was 16. There were 5 or 6 at the time and I had all of them. I loved them for the colours of the containers. So bright and funky. I managed to get one on sale for Christmas and have since gotten the other two colours that suit my colouring.
As for plain old lip balm around the house, I go through one a month and have had so many brands I’d run out of time naming them all. So I cut it back to Nivea repair and protect for dry lips. Which mine get often.
Some eye shadows I had left over were Maybelline, one gold trio, one silver trio, and since I cannot find a CG trio in either colour, I’ll have to go with them for now.
Eyeliners for now are BYS, a cheap brand here in Aus. I was able to get a variety of colours and I don’t think CG sell those colours either so it’s BYS for now.

I also have some Sally Hansen and Prestige lip glosses left over from the last couple of years so they will slowly be culled. They’re also great for carrying in your bag as they don’t melt into puddles of goo in the heat.

Vaseline is also great for when you have rashes, extra dry or sore lips. It keeps them soft and kissable. Vaseline is also great for the rest of your body’s hard and dry bits and pieces.

So far I managed to fit it all into this roll up make up purse but it was a touch too small.

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