HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: Dr. Lewinn’s didn’t work for me



Earlier this year I decided to give Dr. Lewinn’s Reversaderm Micro Cellular Age Correcting Peel a go to see if I could get rid of my Golden Staph scar, thanks to a bout of it I had over xmas and New Year, see horrible infection here.

Admittedly it may have worked better had I tried the whole package of five different products, but at $40 – $60 per product there was no way I could afford $250 at least for my face. So the store assistant recommended the peel.

Considering my skin is combination and fairly tough, I actually ended up using this 5 nights a week, even though twice is recommended. 

While my skin did improve slightly, as did the bags and dark circles under my eyes, I still have my red mark on my cheek. Although probably considered insignificant in other’s eyes, you know how we are on ourselves. To me it’s still a big red mark and needs to be removed.

While Dr. Lewinn’s did help to improve my skin in a small way, as I mentioned, it was probably best to use it in conjunction with the other products in the range, if you can afford the whole set that is. And maybe I’m just being fussy, wanting a full on chemical peel in a bottle. While I won’t be using this again, just because it didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have fabulous results.

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