HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: Dr Brandt’s Pores No More didn’t do it’s job!

Has to be another beauty failure for me.

I recently tried Dr Brant’s after somehow finding it on Google. 

I found a trial size pack on a website and it had a cleanser, vacuum cleaner (which did not turn blue like it was supposed to), refiner (which felt weird), a non greasy mattifying lotion and a small sachet of another pores no more product.

It’s supposed to suck out the crap in your pores, and while I only tried the trial kit, which lasted about two months, it is possible, with longer use, that something may have happened. 

But in two months, it just didn’t, and that’s disappointing. I may give it a go at another time and just use the cleanser and vacuum cleaner, which is the sucker, but next stop is going to be Olay town.

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