FASHION STYLE: The Fabulously Glamorous Miss Phryne Fisher, recap 5

Last weeks ep started off, of course, with a murder. And in fine form Phryne dressed up for the occasion. This gorgeous midnight blue silk slip dress was accompanied by an equally gorgeous midnight blue lace shawl and feathered hat.

JDS - MISS FISHER S3 EP 5.1With a new day and a quick change of clothes she donned a biscuit coloured top and pants with polka dot red coat and matching hat. Phryne always has to have matching hats. 

For the last outfit she donned a plain black cami top and pants but topped it off with an amazing deep emerald green velvet jacket and matching jewels. Oh, a girl after my own heart. 


The blue and green outfits are her second and third best pieces this season thus far, following that gorgeous red embroidered black coat from two weeks ago.

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