FASHION STYLE: Shopping at Boohoo for seasonal bargains.


Last year I decided to have a look at UK website Boohoo. I had seen ads on tv and in magazines for ages and had a quick look once or twice, but this time I decided to really scour the website and check out their rules and regulations about shipping and sizes. And then I found the sale.

Not only were their winter bargains on sale, due to their winter being our summer the prices were being slashed as they tried getting rid of old stock, but they also had an extra percentage off.

I loaded up the shopping trolley with bargains and then tried the sale code. Did it work. No. I left a comment on their Facebook page and was given a code to use across all products. As it turned out, the original code was only for sale items but that was not made clear on their website, and many things were on sale but not under the code.

Confused? I was.

So I was able to get three pieces for myself and two for mum. She got two wrap around cardi blankets and I got these three pieces.


Two gorgeous coloured aztec blanket wraps and a hooded faux fur coat.

The fur coat came in a UK size 16 and while they claim their sizes are the same as Aus it was a touch smaller than I wanted. I got this for $56 AUD.

Aztec is a print that comes and goes in fashion like everything else, but since I don’t follow trends, I set them, I bought what I wanted. The pinky purple one (named Lexie) has a hood and toggle tie and is quite long. I scored this for $36 AUD.

The red and green (named Ramona, well, at least that’s what it was called on the website) has buttons and a hood and if the tag is removed I believe it can be worn both ways. A reversible wrap, how handy! All for $20 AUD.


As it was our summer, to catch up on winter bargains was a bonus as it means I am prepared for our winter, coming in June. At this stage I don’t need to buy anything else for winter, I have all my older coats that I love and now these three new editions. If anything it will be more long sleeve tops that I need.


As for shopping online, there are issues to be had. For my first time shopping it was not smooth sailing. First, I knew it would take a while coming from the UK. I ordered around xmas time and with everyone’s holidays it was going to be slow going. Second, they sent the wrong cape wrap that mum had ordered so it was back on their Facebook page again. 

Turns out, the factory had tagged the cape wrong, and the one they sent was not the one I bought. After complaining I received the right one and then shipped the wrong one off to their Aussie warehouse and would receive a refund within 4-6 weeks. After about five weeks I FBd again and after giving details was given a refund to my credit card (even though I had paid cash for the return shipping).

That was my first time buying on Boohoo and while it wasn’t the best time I’ve had, it wasn’t the worst. The problem is when things go wrong it takes so much time to sort things out and that’s what’s wrong with online shopping.

Above all of this I will more than likely buy from them again but this time I’ll be aware of sizing (their 16 is a touch too small) and shipping (free to Aus over $40). And I’ll definitely be using every sale code I can.

Have you guys tried out Boohoo and what do you think?

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