FASHION STYLE: Cardigans. The great winter alternative to jumpers and coats.


It’s funny. I wasn’t sure what to name this post as anything I came up with made it sound like I would be showing you where to find and buy cardigans for winter. This post isn’t that, in fact, I very rarely do posts about something current then let you know about it because I’m sure you can track down whatever it is you’re after yourself.

These cardis are all mine, and I’m simply talking cardigans for winter. 

A great alternative to jumpers and thick coats, although a coat can be worn over a cardi depending on its thickness and whether you need to layer because you’ll be out in the cold all day or all night.

Mine are from a few places and on sale as I rarely pay full price unless the full price is disgustingly cheap, lol.

Last year was a particularly good year for buying cardigans. I got four of them.

Top Left: Glitter stripe, $20 from Lesley’s bought in 2014 | Middle: Soft rose pink (which never comes up as pink because my camera keeps making pink red), $15 from Millers bought in 2011 | Top Right: Red Glitter stripe free from an op shop from the 90s.


Bottom Left: Pink Aztec, $29.95 from Valley Girl in 2013 | Middle: Black and White $12 from Millers in 2014. | Bottom Right: Green stripe shrug cardi, $36 from Ice in 2014.

I also managed to score a Missoni Cardi jacket from Target drastically reduced to $40 just before xmas last year.


Of course it also helps to have a bunch of funky hats, scarves and sunglasses in matching colours to go with my cardis so I can try out different styles every time I wear them.

I also have a lightweight throw-over pink one that has a matching studded tank top, and two handmade coloured ones that I’ll show you next week, so that makes 10 in total. 

Have you guys got cardis and will you be wearing or layering them come winter?

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