Dream Stealers can PISS OFF!!!!!

I’m bitching about dream stealers today.

People like Dr.Phil who says it’s great to strive for your dreams and follow your path etc, but then tell you that marrying Jay-Z or George Clooney or Michael Weatherly is nothing but an unrealistic dream that will never happen!


Okay, so I know that I’m only married to Michael in the world of Jewels that I have created, (you didn’t think that was for real did ya!!!) but how many times do we read stories of big stars, mainly the guys, meeting and marrying waitresses or check out chicks etc.

Nicolas Cage married a waitress. The little Asian lady who bore his son called Cal-el. Nic’s a Superman nut.

Matt Damon met a bar waitress and married her even though she already had a kid and now they have three more.

George Clooney meets waitresses in Europe, moves them to America, dates them for three years, then pays them to go off and start a life coz he doesn’t want them anymore.

And of course, in ”real life”, my gorgeously gorgeous husband Michael Weatherly, married a med student who is now a doctor.

I am insanely jealous of course and don’t like the idea of sharing him, but then Carmine has to share me with Michael so it works out.

Back to dream stealers.

They steal our dreams and smash them into the ground, grinding them into a little heap of dust, similar to what women do to men, and then try and rebuild them to suit their needs and not ours.

Dr.Phil is forever telling people ”good for you for having this dream and it’s so great that you’re doing that. BUT you need to do this, this and this. And you should be doing that, that and that.”



I HATE people telling me what to do. Especially those who don’t know me. But don’t try and steal my dreams people.

It will piss me off and I will slap you down.

DO NOT TELL ME I can be anything I want to be, have anything I want to have, go anywhere I want to go and say anything I want to say, okay, that last one is crap, coz no one tells you that, but still, don’t tell me I can have the world and then yank the damn thing out from under me by telling me the dreams I do have are unrealistic!!!

My dreams of being married to Michael are not unrealistic. But I do need to accept the fact it may never happen in ”real life”. But that doesn’t mean I can’t dream and have a hell of a lotta fun doing it, and strive to make it come true. I would have to move to L.A and kill his ”real life” wife but that seems rather unrealistic in it’s self. And I don’t have the money to do it, and don’t want to go to jail for doing it, so it will have to wait a few years until they divorce. Coz he’s SOOOOOOO not happy with her.

So to all the ”experts” and just plain arseholes we may know out there who think they know how our life should be and tell us how to live it even if it doesn’t make us happy just because they’re not happy with their lot in life and are a misery guts.



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