Doctor Who’s Day of the Doctor left me feeling a bit, meh!

So the big day finally arrived and I couldn’t be bothered getting up in the morning so I watched the night episode.

It seemed interesting, doing a few loops through time while walking through the museum (we had to wait until the end to understand that bit). There was fez throwing, David Tennant, worm holes, Queen Victoria (and has the doctor ever mentioned getting married to her before?), old doctors, new doctors, big red suckers, Billie Piper and why did she turn up and show herself to the old doctor when she was with David’s doctor so why couldn’t he see her, Sonic Screwdriver compensation, 3d paintings, Daleks, a “cameo by all 13 doctors to save Gallifrey”, Tom Baker popped up at the end which no one knew about and even the assistant had his scarf.

Overall I still have questions. Like, what was the point in Billie Piper? Why did David’s doctor know about Bad Wolf but not Matt’s? What happened to Gallifrey? Although that would explain why the time lords came back in David’s series with the Master. How did Matt and Jenna get out of the world they were in from their last series? How did Clara fit in except to fly through time to help the doctor? What about Trenzalore and their grave? Did anyone even notice the new doctor? Well I think they did and I saw something but wasn’t sure.

I know I’m not a whovian but I do try to keep up. Clearly this is a show that changes on a whim and to fit in with what ever Steven Moffat wants.

Over all it could have been better, like more David!

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