DESIGNER INSPIRED: How to make your own version of Samantha Wills’ Smoke and Ice bracelet

This is the Samantha Wills smoke and ice bracelet. It retailed for about $130. It’s a 9 row bracelet consisting of gunmetal grey crystal beads on a 9 row spacer bar.

It’s easy enough to buy these beads and spacer bars on ebay and I decided to do a gold one as well. Here are mine below.

I started with 33 beads for each row. Thread your first row onto the elastic and then once you have all the beads on, leave about 1 inch space at either end and cut. Tie each row after you’ve strung it so you’re not rushing ahead. Once I had done all 9 rows I realised it was too tight and once I did 36 on each row of the gold, I went back and restrung the silver one.

You simply go row by row and take it slowly.

Here are my gold beads.

And here are both bracelets baking in the sun, sparkling their little beads off.

On my arm they look great, and 36 beads are more than enough for sliding on and off without being too tight or too loose.

Look fantastic don’t they. All up they cost me $7.78 each. A far cry from $130 or so. These bracelets are so easy you can do them yourself, and don’t worry about them not being designer, you are the designer, you make them so they are designer. And of course you can use any beads you like to make it even more of your own.

Stop wasting money on ridiculously priced “designer” jewellery when you can easily make your own for less than $10. It’s simple, it’s easy, it saves you massive amounts of money, and it’s your own creation.

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