My iPad and iPhone cases

Last year I told you about my obsession with my iPad covers. You can read about that here, and below is the sleeve I bought to protect my Pad.
At the time I bought the sleeve I also got one for my future iPhone. That’s right, I didn’t have a phone at the time but since I knew I would get one one day, I had to be prepared to protect it.
And recently I added to the Orchard by getting my iPhone and of course I had to have a fancy blue star case to go with it.
Of course it also means the Orchard is growing and now spans to 4 products. Not as many as some but definitely going strong.
In the process of it all I also bought two covers for my iPod Touch
I also bought a clear case for my iPod Classic and stuck a blinged out music sticker similar to the star Pod cover above.
As for my iPad and iPhone, I thought the Social Media icons were appropriate as that is what I use them for. Updating Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc, etc, etc….
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