DESIGNER INSPIRED: How to find your own inexpensive version of Samantha Wills Tusk Dynasty elephant bangle.

Samantha Wills came out with “Tusk Dynasty”, a black and gold, or rose gold and black elephant bangle last  year, this year she released the bracelet in Aqua/Mint in the Feb 13 “Hunter and Gatherer” collection.
As Samantha has said herself, she does collections so far ahead that she’s moved on from them when they are actually released.
So, that gives the Chinese manufacturing plants plenty of time to keep reproducing her stuff to pass on to sellers to sell on eBay. Unless she got them from the Chinese manufacturers in the first place and never designed them. Who knows these days.
As you can see from these Elephant bangles, they come in several colours.
I recently showed you the white one I had bought for my white pearl elephant set, and now I’ve bought a black one for my black elephant set and the blue one just so I had a blue one. It’s not mint like the SW one but close enough. 
It’s the design I’m after, not the designer.
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  1. E February 13, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    Very interesting. I had also seen these (was it on alibaba by chance that you saw them?).

    I note that even the original ones from SW didn’t have an SW stamp on them (not all of her pieces do) so there is very little difference between the SW version and the non SW version.

    1. Jewel Divas Style February 15, 2014 at 4:42 pm

      Hey Ellie,

      as mentioned I found them on eBay but then I’m sure most Chinese factories sell on a variety of places. I know Samantha does not actually design each piece, bracelet stacks are simply thrown together from single bracelets to make a stack and her “Gatsby Girl” design has been around since May 2008 that I know of as I was going to purchase the pendants for making myself. Which is why those rings and necklaces are on eBay as well, it’s not actually her design.


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