Pins and needles. And I ain’t talkin’ bout the kind you sew with!


Even before seeing my chiro I would get pins and needles. In my feet mainly when sitting at awkward angles etc, but since seeing my chiro I’m getting them all over the place.

Well….not quite.

Mainly in a spot to the right of my back, between my spine and right shoulder blade. 

Then there’s my hands. I can wake up some mornings and have my whole hand tingling or completely numb and it’s a very weird feeling to have no hand there, or have it feel like a rubber chicken that you can wobble back and forth like a noddy dog.

Just this morning I woke up with a tingling right hand and arm which gave me the idea for the post. It’s very weird, I only have tingles in the right side of my body (except for my left hand sometimes) and I suppose that says something within itself.

Maybe I’d better tell my chiro….



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